forming partnerships that work for
parents and teachers

Effective consultation including solution focused
casework and professional advice

Many schools and parents have found consultation invaluable in the process of working towards change. The Sound Thinking Team have been highly successful over the years working alongside teachers / parents to facilitate positive change.

Consultation may take the form of:

• Casework, solution focussed discussions with parents and / or teachers around a specific problem or issue

• Systemic whole school approach including assessment of the environment and working with key practitioners to enable change – for example
    - Visual strategies to optimise communication, developing a communicative friendly environment
    - Creating an environment which optimises learning outcomes
    - Creating an environment which develops positive behaviour
    - Developing key areas which have been identified within the School Development Plan

• Advice and clarification in the interpretation of reports from other professionals to enable best practice within school.

#Thankyou for your support, good advice and calming
presence - and for always being at the end of an e-mail.
Primary SENCO

For more information please contact the Sound Thinking Team on 01935 862329

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